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Volcano Grills

The only grill on the market today that uses THREE fuel sources!

Created and tested in the majestic Rockies of Utah, the Volcano is the last stove/grill you will ever need for your outdoor adventures. The Volcano gives you the greatest variety of cooking options. You can cook with multiple fuel sources and cooking methods. It's like having a kitchen in the woods. In addition to being extremely versatile, the portability makes the Volcano the perfect companion to your outdoor cooking experience...wherever that might take you.

Reduce the bulk while increasing your options.

Product Features:

  • Collapses to 5"
  • Can be fueled from Wood, Brickets or Propane
  • Easy set-up and take-down
  • Adjustable air vent for temperature control


Pairing the Volcano Collapsible Stove with the heat-resistant lid will create a convection oven environment and allow you to even bake with it.

Volcano 3 Collapsible Stove
The Volcano Collapsible Grill is perfect to have on hand for any emergency. It is the only stove that has the versatility of three different fuels: propane, charcoal or wood. Its patented heat chamber makes the stove extremely fuel efficient. A 20 lb. bag of charcoal has enough fuel to cook at least 25 hot meals any time, anywhere. (Use only in well ventilated spaces.) Setup is easy and takes less than a minute. When you are finished, you wait for it to cool, turn it upside down, shake out the ashes, wipe it with paper towels and place in the included storage bag. Portable. Easy. Efficient. Versatile. The Volcano can do it all.
One Volcano does it all
  • Highly Portable - Collapses to 5", carry bag included, easily packed
  • Versatile - Use a variety of fuel sources and cooking utilities. It will cook anything!
  • Dutch Oven Cooking - A 12" Dutch Oven nestles perfectly inside the Volcano, heating not only the bottom, but the sides as well. Faster cooking, less mess and less fuel.
  • Baking - When used with the Lid, the Volcano will bake just like your oven at home. Brownies, bread, pie, etc...
  • Grilling - Your choice. Chicken. Steak. Veggies. Shiskabob, fish. Anything you like and a variety of ways to grill it!
  • Smoking - Ribs, chicken, turkey, fish. You name it!
  • Heating - Charcoal. Propane. Wood. Take your pick.
  • Self-contained - Great for no open fire zones.
  • Cook on almost any surface - Wood. Plastic. Glass. Dirt.
  • Easy to set-up, take down and clean.

Volcano Accessories
Volcano Dutch Oven
Constructed of quality cast-iron and patterned after the Dutch Oven's from the early 1900's, the Volcano DO is crafted to be the finest cooking oven available. With it's domed-lid and inner basting rings, this DO will circulate heat and maintain moisture better than any other camp stove. The innovative stacking ring allows you to add briquettes to the lid if desired, while also creating a secure option for stacking multiple ovens. Squared handle, tipping assist and thermometer access hole completes the great features of this DO. Dimensions: 12" with a deep design to hold up to 8 qts.
Volcano Lid
The Volcano Lid traps and circulates heat to make a convection oven out your Volcano. With the Lid, you can Bake just like your oven at home!
Volcano Flexible Skewer
The Volcano Flexible Skewer are flexible stainless steel skewers that allow you to maximize your cooking space on the Volcano. Each package contains 2-22" Skewers.
Reversible Griddle/Skillet
Constructed of quality cast-iron, the Reversible Griddle/Skillet is a great addition to your Volcano Stove. The Skillet is perfect for pancakes, eggs, biscuits, and a variety of other options. Flip it over to the Griddle side and grill a chicken breast, sausage links, or hotdogs. Both sides lock on top of the Volcano. The cast-iron is pre-seasoned and ready to use. This is an excellent way to increase the versatility of the Volcano.
Cook book and Technical Manual
A must have for all Volcano cookers, this NEW Cookbook & Technical Manual-written by the stoves inventor himself-teaches you how use your Volcano Grill to maximize all of its potential and versatility.

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