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Nutristore™ foods as a brand that’s simple to understand – A nutrition-focused, budget-conscious and shelf-stable food storage choice for your family.

Nutrition-focused: Making sure you have nutritious, great tasting food is essential for your family in any circumstance. When you buy Nutristore™ products, you will have a diverse assortment of premium freeze-dried and dehydrated foods containing critical nutrients and calories; providing the strength, endurance and clarity of mind you need to face any and all emergencies.
Budget-conscious: When making an investment in food storage, it’s sometimes hard to find great products at a price you can afford. This isn’t the case with Nutristore™ foods. You’ll start saving money when you buy two or more cans of each product and have no need to worry about breaking the bank for a necessity like food storage.
Shelf-stable: It’s important that your family food investment lasts. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure Nutristore™ products you purchase will stand the test of time and be ready to eat when you need it most. We’ve made it easy to identify the shelf life for each of our foods and we provide detailed guidelines on how to maximize your investment.

Product Features:

  • Breakfast Pail is 'just add water'
  • Freeze-dried fruit and veggies can be eaten right out of the can
  • Spice Bucket offers 17 assorted Herbs & Spices in re-sealable mylar pouches


By offering the optimum shelf-life your NutriStore food supply will be there when you need them most!

Breakfast Granola Pail - 10 years
Spice Variety Pail - 15 years
Fruit Variety Pack - 25 years
Vegetable Variety Pack - 25 years

Breakfast Granola Pail
Nutristore™ Breakfast Granola Combo Pack gives your family a delicious wholesome breakfast meal for any situation. The whole family will love how delicious the wholesome granola combined with real strawberries or blueberries and instant milk tastes. You will also enjoy how simple they are to prepare and easy to clean up! Add a little bit of water and these meals are ready to be enjoyed. Nutristore™ offers you Strawberry or Blueberry for your breakfast meal options that are sure to please the whole family.
Not only are our Breakfast meals a perfect option for your food storage supply, they are ideal for family campouts, backpacking trips and hunting excursions. Packaged in their light-weight Freeze-dried form makes them easy to carry around in any 72-hour kit, backpack or emergency preparation bag. With a 10 year shelf life, these meals will be there when you need them most!

Herb & Spice Pail
We want you to enjoy the food you eat – even in an emergency or disaster! When it comes to preparing emergency food storage meals just the way you like them, you need access to herbs & spices that provide the perfect taste. If you want the freedom to create custom meals that your family will love, our Nutristore™ Herb & Spice Variety Kit is an essential component to your food supply! Whether it’s a spicy dish you crave or you just need to freshen up some soup with a touch of herbs, this supply provides the diversity and flavors that you desire!
This kit contains the following: Minced Garlic (2), Basil Leaves, fine-cut (2), Granulated Onion (2), Cilantro Leaves (2), Cracked Black Pepper (2), Ground Oregano Leaves (2), Salt Flakes (2), Parsley Flakes, Whole Marjoram Leaves, Ground Chili Pepper, Whole Thyme Leaves, Ground Cumin Seed, Ground Allspice, Smoked Paprika, Ground Cinnamon, Ground Rosemary Leaves, and Chipotle Powder.

Fruit Variety 6 Pack
Nutristore™ Fruit Combo Starter Kit is an ideal way to add flavor and fun to your food storage. Trust our premium Freeze-dried and dehydrated Fruits to impress the taste buds of the whole family! Each item in this kit has a 25 year shelf life and can be reconstituted in just minutes.
Whether you are looking for a snack or delicious fruits to add to desserts, trail mixes, and salads, this kit has just what you need. From savory crisp Dehydrated Apples to sweet tasting Peaches, this variety pack brings flavor and nutrition to all emergency meals. Adding this kits to your emergency food supply provides you with 240 servings of flavorful fruits from Nutristore™.
This kit contains the following cans:

  • 1 - Dehydrated Apples
  • 1 - Freeze-dried Bananas
  • 1 - Freeze-dried Peaches
  • 1 - Freeze-dried Pineapple
  • 1 - Freeze-dried Raspberries
  • 1 - Freeze-dried Strawberries

Vegetable Variety 6 Pack
Nutristore™ Vegetable Combo Starter Kit is an ideal way to start, or complete your vegetable food storage supply! An excellent combination of our finest Freeze-dried and Dehydrated Vegetables, this kit is designed to give you tasty vegetables full of nutrition that you can use in any situation.
All freeze-dried items have a 25 year shelf life and can be easily reconstituted to their original taste, texture, and form in only minutes. Whether you are looking to enhance your homemade soups, casseroles, or other family favorites, this variety pack has exactly what you need.
This kit contains the following cans:

  • 1 - Dehydrated Carrots
  • 1 - Freeze-dried Broccoli
  • 1 - Freeze-dried Corn
  • 1 - Freeze-dried Green Beans
  • 1 - Freeze-dried Onions
  • 1 - Freeze-dried Potatoes

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