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Create an invisible barrier that repels rodents from your world
Hightail is an eco-friendly natural material made from zeolite and essential oils. It creates an invisible barrier that keeps rodents away by taking advantage of their keen sense of smell. You can protect a small area such as a garage by leaving out an open bottle. Or protect larger areas by creating a perimeter. And since it’s not a poison, it’s safe for your family and you’ll never have to dispose of disease-carrying rodents.

• 500 grams will protect roughly 100 square feet
• Pour a continuous line of Hightail (approx. 5cm wide by 2cm deep) around the perimeter of your building to create a rodent-free barrier.
• Lasts up to 6 months
• Multiple sizes available
Hightail Large Jug Hightail Small Jar
Hightail Hightail

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